It´s Yacht Time!
Luxury Voyage on the Waves of Prague

What you can look forward to

You can set out on a voyage with Bohemian River Rhapsody on the brand new GREENLINE NEO luxury yacht.

It can carry up to 10 passengers, is river environment friendly and literally decked out with cutting-edge technologies

Whether you want to spend an hour, two or all day on board is entirely up to you.

Come celebrate a birthday, impress clients, have a bachelor party… 

Simply put, it’s just made for all your special moments.




Choose Your Voyage!


A Private voyage

Invite your family, friends or your partner. A luxury voyage through stunningly-beautiful Prague awaits you.

We will provide food, drinks and even a program of your choice. You can celebrate a birthday, have a goodbye party, or get ready for the most romantic dinner of your life. Even a wedding on the water is no problem.

It is wholly up to you. Write to us with your wishes and we’ll arrange everything.

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Business on the river

A brand new way how to amaze your clients, reward the best employees or strengthen the team.

No one in your crew will forget this cruise.

We will prepare everything according to your wishes and requirements.

From food and drink, accompanying program, music, tasting, to all equipment needed for your event.

Write us your idea and we will organize everything.

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Public Events

Come to one of the Bohemia River Rhapsody events we hold on our luxury boat. 

Tastings, city cruises, singles events and much more. 

All you need to do is register in time. The boat only has a 10-person capacity, so don’t hesitate.

Write us and we’ll send you more detailed information. 


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An Entire Yacht in An Envelope

Each year it gets more difficult to choose a gift that will make someone truly happy.

With Bohemian River Rhapsody, however, you can’t miss.

With our gift voucher, you’re giving time spent on the waves of Prague, onboard a luxury yacht.

What more could one want? Now all you need to do is hope the recipient asks you to join them.


Gift voucher values:

1 000 CZK

2 000 CZK

5 000 CZK

10 000 CZK

Vouchers are valid up to 12 months from purchase.


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